Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Don’t fight the insurance company alone for your compensation.

Most of us drive a car or rideshare every single day and unfortunately, car accidents occur every day. Some of these car crashes are minor fender benders but some can be very serious and cause life changing injuries. In some cases, they are fatal. 


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, automobile accidents are the cause of one death every 12-15 minutes and injure more than 2.5 million people each year.


Huner Law Offices in Chicago has handled thousands of accident and injury cases and has recovered millions and millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

Our firm represents clients in a wide range of vehicle accident cases, including :

  • Car Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Truck Accidents - Semi Trucks & Commercial Trucks

  • Bus/CTA Accidents

  • Bicycle Accidents

  • Pedestrian Accidents

  • Aviation/Airline/Plane Accidents

  • Train/Railroad Collisions

Accidents we have handled include 

  • Accidents resulting from texting/cell phone use

  • Distracted Driver Accidents

  • Drunk Driver Accidents

  • Fatal Car Accidents

  • Head-On Collision Car Accidents

  • Highway & Tollway Accidents

  • Rear-End Accidents

  • Truck Driver Fatigue

  • Truck Driver Negligence

  • Unsecured Truck Loads

The process for seeking monetary damages for personal injuries and accidents is complex and failure to proceed without proper care and due diligence may result in a permanent bar to recovery.


At Huner Law Offices, we are skilled at handling complex cases involving vehicle accidents on our roadways in the state of Illinois. Attorney Rex Huner can guide you towards a successful recovery.

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