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Dog Bite Accidents

Dogs don’t have to be overly aggressive by nature or be a trained attack dog to drive them to bite a person. Dogs and other animals bite as a reaction to a stressful situation or being in a stressful environment.

There are many situations that may cause a dog or any other pet to bite a child or adult such as :

  • When they feel threatened or scared

  • They have an impulse to protect their owner

  • When they’re not feeling well

  • If they’re startled or scared

Keeping these triggers in mind any time you are around a dog, or any other pet or animal, and being aware of their mental state, may help you recognize a potential bite situation.


But if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been bit by a dog or any other animal, contact us at Huner Law Offices for experienced representation in a dog bite legal case.

Common Dog Bite Case Facts

According to the Insurance Information Institute – one-third of all homeowners’ insurance liability claims (in dollars) result from dog bites or injuries related to dog actions. Every year, the insurance industry pays over $1 billion in dog-bite claims. The truth is, dog bites are common but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the pain and loss caused by a dog bite without receiving fair compensation.

And everyone is at risk of getting bit by a dog. Some dog bite statistics include :

  • 50% Of dog bite victims in the U.S. are children with the highest rate among those being ages 5-9 (Center for Disease Control).

  • Postal Workers are also at very high risk. This may not be surprising as postal workers come in contact with dogs everyday while delivering mail and packages.

  • 71% of dog bites occur on the extremities of the body such as arms, hands, legs, and feet.

  • 75% of dog bites occur on the victim’s property and most victims know the dog responsible for the attack.

Being aware of what causes dogs and other animals to bite can help you avoid getting bitten but when 75% of bites are happening on your own property by a dog you know, it’s difficult to protect yourself completely.


If you should find yourself the victim of a dog bite, contact Huner Law Offices in Chicago today for experienced dog bite case representation.

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