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Dos and Don’ts of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit After an Auto Accident


Trouble never informs anyone of its arrival. Neither does a car accident. Regardless of how carefully you drive or how much you adhere to traffic norms, car accidents are highly unpredictable and can happen any time. You can be involved in an accident even without...


Trouble never informs anyone of its arrival. Neither does a car accident.


Regardless of how carefully you drive or how much you adhere to traffic norms, car accidents are highly unpredictable and can happen any time. You can be involved in an accident even without causing it or being responsible for it in any way.


Auto accidents occur every day in Chicago and it can get extremely annoying for the victims to deal with the consequences when they’re already feeling defenseless.


A skilled and experienced attorney could be just what you need to get through a personal injury claim, as he can help make the entire legal procedure easier for you.


Mentioned ahead are a few good reasons to hire a car accident attorney in Chicago.


Get the Compensation You Deserve

If an auto accident results in a serious injury either to you or the passenger(s) in your car, getting a strong legal representation can ensure that you’re amply compensated not just for now, but also in the future for covering the costs associated with the treatment of your injuries.


Certain kinds of injuries don’t become apparent right after an accident occurs, but may have life-long consequences on your well-being. This may mean that the insurance process and the payment might conclude before you even become aware of certain symptoms. This could lead to you losing out on compensation for symptoms/injuries that surface later.


Further, the time frame for filing an auto accident lawsuit may be limited. Engaging a lawyer in the early stages of the case will help ascertain that the legal claims you want to make are duly and adequately filed.


Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Negotiating with insurance companies can be extremely challenging for the layman. Although car accidents are a rare occurrence for most individuals, insurance companies receive claims every day and negotiate them on that basis.


They know what they need to say and do to deter you, and will use their experience to bully the plaintiff into accepting a lesser compensation than they’re actually entitled to. Having a strong, experienced attorney by your side, however, will prevent you from getting intimidated by their tactics and accepting less compensation than you deserve.


Get Your Rest While Your Lawyer Does the Work

One of the last things you will want to do when you’re wounded and recuperating is spend hours of your time on the phone or sending out correspondences to your insurance company instead of getting the rest you need.


Hiring an attorney will make this easier on you and will enable you to concentrate on receiving undisturbed medical attention for your injuries.


It is best to hire a skilled attorney immediately after the accident as non-adherence to legal deadlines can endanger the claims you may make.


You lawyer can investigate claims, collect evidence, locate witnesses, draft a settlement letter, and collect incident and medical reports. Can you imagine having to do this yourself after sustaining grave injuries? Of course not!


It is difficult to get so much legal work done yourself, especially if you don’t have a thorough understanding of the judiciary system and still haven’t recovered from a traumatic accident.


An attorney will not only get these tasks done, but will do a more accurate job of accumulating evidence, thereby ensuring a strong case in your favor.


Understand the Damages

Anyone who isn’t well-versed with the legalities involved in an auto accident may not understand all the potential damages he’s entitled to. There are several potential damages available to victims of a car accident.


Apart from your medical bills, you may be able to claim damages for lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress.


Further, your family members may also be liable for receiving damages for the loss of your companionship, in case you become disabled. Without a competent attorney to guide you, there’s no telling how much you can miss out on.


Prove Liability

Proving liability can be trickier than you think. Even as the witnesses and the police reports lay the fault on the defendant, proving that he was careless enough to breach a duty of care to you can be tough.


There are several complex factors that contribute to winning a personal injury lawsuit. It is best that you hire an experienced lawyer who specializes in personal injury claims. He can provide references to cases and citations that support your cause.


Understanding Settlement Options

Apart from helping you to fully understand your potential damages, your lawyer can also assist you in understanding your settlement options.


You may not know this but most cases settle out of court, which means the defendant or his insurance company will likely make you a compensatory offer.


Your attorney can help you comprehend the repercussions of accepting their offer as once it is accepted, you will not be in a position to sue them ever again. He can also help you figure out whether or not settling is the best option for you and negotiate a better deal accordingly.


Take Your Fight to the Court

In case the settlement negotiations don’t work out as planned, you will have to go to court. This may turn out to be an expensive and a time-consuming affair. If you do this on your own, the defendant and his insurance company might try and stop you from suing.


If you hire a knowledgeable and a hardened attorney, you will not have to succumb to such pressures or let go of your claim. Insurance companies will think twice before they try to intimidate you, and will take settlement process more seriously.



Seasoned car accident attorneys have the best interest of their client in mind. They are committed to making the grueling process of filing a personal injury claim as easy for you as possible. They’re highly competent and possess the ability to file insurance documents, ask for your medical records on your behalf, and write a settlement proposal to the insurance company, without you having to inconvenience yourself. So do make it a point to get an expert attorney on your side when you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.


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